Eligibility Rules

Eligibility Rules

Nicki McBee, MDGP Director
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The Miss Deaf Georgia Pageant eligibility rules are listed below for all prospective applicants to read and follow.

The PDF file is available for you to download, click here.

Eligibility Rules:

  • The contestant must be a female whose age shall not be less than seventeen or more than twenty-nine years of age by the tenth day of June 2013. She must supply a copy of her birth certificate.
  • The contestant must have at least 65 dB hearing loss in the better ear, unassisted. She is required to submit an audiogram signed by a certified audiologist.
  • The contestant must be single, never been married before nor had a marriage annulled, and must have never given birth to a child.
  • The contestant must be a citizen of the United States on or before the deadline for submitting her application to enter the pageant and must be a resident of Georgia.
  • The contestant must not been convicted of any crimes.
  • The contestant must be deaf or hard of hearing and use American Sign Language as her main means of communication.
  • The contestant must bring her own wardrobe, which will consist of a suit, an evening gown, and a costume (if needed) for her talent performance.
  • The contestant must present her talent routine within four minutes. It must be presented only by her live and in person. The contestant must furnish her own props (at her expense) for her performance.
  • The contestant must submit a color or black and white 5X7 (waist up) photograph of herself to the State Pageant director for printing in the program book.
  • If the contestant becomes the winner of the Miss Deaf Georgia Pageant and wishes to marry during reign, she must relinquish the crown to the first runner-up. She must also maintain a permanent residence in Georgia during her reign.
  • The contestant must submit an official application, a copy of her birth certificate, a Color or Black and White 5X7 photograph and an entry fee of 200.00 paid by her Sponsor no later than August 1, 2012.
  • The State Pageant Director must receive all parts of the application by or before the submission deadline. Address to mail the application is on the Official Entry form.

If you have any questions about the eligibility rules, please feel free to contact Nicki McBee at her contact information on the top right corner of this form. Thank you in advance.

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