Update on GAD

Hello Everyone,

Just want to post update about Georgia Association of the Deaf and our new officers.

GAD 2015 Conference on Jekyll Island was a huge success with many great lectures and performances. Matthew Moore gave a great inspiring speech at our opening ceremony and a great person to interact with. Jesse Conard, Ben Jarashow, Chris Wagner, Jerry Nelson and HEARD were presenters during our conference. Warren “Wawa” Snipe and Nicar gave an awesome performance at the Masquerade Ball on our last evening. We want to thank all of them for coming and doing an awesome job. We had quite a few people come to some of our officers and said this is one of the best conference they’ve ever had. We would like to thank Patty Patton and her hard-working committee for making this successful event. We also like to thank the staff of Jekyll Island Convention Center for their huge help for making this happen. Give Patty and her team a applause!!

Since GAD 2015 Conference, the members of GAD has elected new officers as follows:

  • President — Bob Green; Atlanta, Ga
  • Vice-President — Wade Doster; Brunswick, Ga
  • Treasurer — Patty Patton; Columbus, Ga
  • Secretary — Shannon Biezenbos; Richmond Hill, Ga

Since the new officers has taken over, they have been busy working on many different things. In September of 2015, they had their retreat for old and new officers in Macon, Ga to discuss new ways to improve GAD including memberships, fundraising, and more interaction with local chapters.

Several of our officers went to NLTC (National Association of the Deaf Leadership Training Conference) in Birmingham, Alabama for some training and educational workshops in September. They had some positive learning experience and shared different tips and information with our board in November.

Wade Doster, our Vice-President said, “Fundraising and social media are the two primary objectives that GAD should focus on. I am reminded of a very old quote from a Chinese philosopher Confucius: What I hear, I forget; what I read, I remember; what I do, I understand. This quote provides the clues to the question of why many do not understand what GAD does. It is not enough that we only talk about GAD. It is great that we started doing the Banner again, it would be a great benefit to take advantage of the social media. Finally we have to figure ways to get people involved in GAD activities and partnerships with other organizations. This is not just the most effective way to enable people to understand what GAD does but also leads GAD to grow.”

We would like to inform you that our membership fee is now $15 per year. You can pay through our website via PayPal for $15.75.

Thank you for your continuous support!!

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